Now that I have some time available, I will be adding known errata, omissions, and clarifications for the 5th edition here.  Supplemental material will appear on other web pages from time to time.  What I add will be in no particular time sequence.  Please feel free to contact me with possible other errors at my callsign [at]

Known errors & omissions with clarifications as necessary

Listed in page sequence, front to back of book.  To the best of my knowledge, as of 2017.01.08 this list represents the entire errata collection that I am aware of.  If more crop up, I will update the list accordingly.


Pg. xv.  [2017.01.08]  In the first group of acknowledgments listed, Jim Brown’s call should be K9YC.  K9AY is Gary Breed, another longtime contributor to the hobby.

Chapter 2:  Radio-Wave Propagation

Pg. 16.   [2017.01.08]  Righthand side of Equation (2.5).  Replace “26.5 mW” with “265 mW”.

Chapter 3:  Antenna Basics

Pg. 88.  [2019.01.13]  In the text immediately below Equation 3.14 and associated definitions, change 8.85 x 10-9 to 8.85 x 10-12.  (Thanks to Magnus Brandt-Møller.)

Chapter 4:  Transmission Lines and Impedance Matching

Pg. 115.  [2017.01.03]  Last line of second bullet text.  Replace “R ” with “R’ ” (that’s R-prime, the same symbol used throughout that bullet).

Pg. 126.  [2017.01.03]  Add this sentence immediately following Equation 4.25:  “Γ is a dimensionless number, but may well be complex, depending on the specific load impedance attached to the transmission line.”

Pg. 134.  [2017.01.03]  Equations 4.31 and 4.32 are valid only for a purely resistive load impedance.

Pg. 134.  [2017.01.03]  Equation 4.34.  Replace “Γ” (which can be complex) with its magnitude in both numerator and denominator.

Pg. 143.  [2017.01.03]  Paragraph immediately following the heading “Half-Wavelength Section of Line”.  Replace “single frequency or band of frequencies” with “single frequency or a narrow band of frequencies”.

 Chapter 5:  Antenna Arrays and Array Gain

Pg. 149.  [2017.01.03]  Figure 5.1A.  Delete the short-circuit connection between the inverting and non-inverting inputs of amplifier “A”.

Chapter 6:  Dipoles and Doublets

Pg. 179.  [2017.01.03]  Figure 6.2.  Change the “E” at the left end of the dashed curve to “V”.

Pg. 186.  [2017.01.03]  Step 5 for the 80-m solution that began on the previous page.  Remove the second “5.”, just before the word “Calculate”.

Pg. 190.  [2017.01.03]  At the end of the first paragraph, add this sentence:  “The third graph shows both horizontal and vertical field strength at an elevation angle of 20 degrees all around the compass.”

Pg. 194.  [2017.01.03]  First paragraph.  Change the phrase “such as rope and pulleys” to “such as rope, mast, and pulleys”.

Pg. 194.  [2017.01.03]  First paragraph following the heading “Folded Dipole”.  In the second sentence, change “conductors of identical diameter shorted together” to “conductors, usually of identical diameter, shorted together”.

Pg. 196.  [2017.01.03]  Paragraph that begins “Adding a third wire…”.  In the last sentence of the paragraph, change “at both ends” to “at each end”.

Chapter 7:  Large Wire Loop Antennas

Pg. 209.  [2017.01.08]  Final paragraph of the page.  In the 3rd line, replace the phrase “half-wave sections of a collinear array of dipoles” with “half-wave sections of series-connected dipoles”.

Pg. 213.  [2017.01.03]  Figure 7.6.  Replace the “V” in “246V” with “v-sub-F” in the same type style used in Equation 7.6 immediately below the figure.

Pg. 213.  [2017.01.03]  Paragraph immediately following the three bullets of text.  Change “very good matching” to “very good match”.

Chapter 9:  Vertically Polarized Antennas

Pgs. 242 & 243.  [2017.01.03]  Figures 9.9 & 9.10.  Captions for the two figures are swapped.

Chapter 12:  The Yagi-Uda Beam Antenna

Pg. 279.  [2017.01.03]  First paragraph following the heading “Theory of Operation”.  Replace “indicated by the arrow at the top” with “indicated by point C“.  Also note that point P is missing from the figure; it is intended to be at the exact center of the circular graph.

Chapter 14:  Receiving Antennas for High Frequency

Pg. 358.  [2017.01.08]  First paragraph.  It may be easier to understand my attempt at humor if the “Bah!” in the 5th line is replaced with “Baa!”.

Chapter 26:  The Smith Chart

Pg. 572.  First line after the black diamond in the middle of the page.  Replace “ration” with “ratio”.

Chapter 30:  Grounding for Safety and Performance

Pg. 686.  [2017.01.08]  Partial sentence at the top of the page.  Change “lossless” to “lossless“.

Pg. 686.  [2017.01.08]  Second complete paragraph, 5th line of text.  Delete the phrase “other sources of”.

Pg. 689.  [2017.01.08]  Second paragraph following the heading “Grounding for Power Distribution Safety”.   Replace “the third wire (usually green)” with “the third wire (usually green or bare)”.

Chapter 31:  Zoning, Restrictive Covenants, and Neighbors

Pg. 701.  [2017.01.08]  First paragraph, fourth line.  The heights “200 ft” and “75 ft” are swapped.

Pg. 704.  [2017.01.08]  Second bullet.  Following the existing sentence, add:  “Another useful resource may be your local municipality’s GIS database, many of which have elevation “overlays” that can be switched in and out.”

Appendix A:  Useful Math

Pg. 711.  [2017.01.08]  Last paragraph before the “Caution”.  Replace “(Eq. [2.1] of Chap. 2)” with “(Eq. [3.1] of Chap. 3)”.

Pg. 711.  [2017.01.08]  First paragraph following the “Caution” paragraph.  In the 3rd line, replace “3-dB gain” to “3-dB change“.  In the 5th line, replace “corresponding to overall gains of 9, 12, and 15 dB gain, respectively” to “corresponding to overall increases of 9, 12, and 15 dB, respectively”.

Pg. 714.  [2017.01.08]  Paragraph that begins “The answer is this:”.  In the 3rd line, insert the word “earlier” after the phrase “so what you saw”.

Pg. 719.  [2017.01.08]  Figure A.4.3.  The small square box at the right side of the circle, just above the letter “a“, should be shaded and labeled “chair”.

Pgs. 717-722.  [2017.01.08]  Entire “A.4 Triangles” section.  My use of “h” for both the hypotenuse of a right triangle and the height of any triangle is potentially confusing.  I suggest using “c” or some other letter to denote the hypotenuse.  Thus, everywhere on pages 717-719 the letter “h” appears, it should be replaced with “c” or another letter of your choice.  This affects Equations (A.4.1) through (A.4.5), and Figures A.4.2 and A.4.3.

Pg. 723.  [2017.01.08]  In the first sentence beneath Figure a.5.1.A, insert the phrase “as shown in Fig. A.5.1A,” following the phrase “a battery of voltage V-sub-0″.